group_video_on_mobile_dev_125203_229567Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a free, high-quality group video conferencing solution, offered by a company with a proven track record for quality? Great news if you’ve been looking for something like that, because now, you can!

Microsoft has big plans for Skype, and is in the process of rolling out a new suite of group video conferencing features by the end of March, this year. The new offering will feature full 1080p video conferencing that will enable up to 25 simultaneous participants. Even better, while Skype is highly popular, not everyone uses it, but the new service allows you to send invitations even to non-Skype users, who can still participate by using the web version of the service.

That’s big news for small business. In the United States, 97.9 percent of all businesses in the country are companies with 20 or fewer employees, so the new service will allow the vast bulk of businesses in operation here to video conference with their entire staff using a high-quality, free service.

Of course, the free service isn’t as robust or full-featured as Skype for Business, so while the free service will work for many, there may be some instances where the more feature-rich Skype for Business is still the right answer. Even so, it’s very nice to have access to a completely free video conferencing service from such a big name in the business. This is one of a number of ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) slated to be rolled out this year, and collectively, these offerings will continue to transform the way we work.

If you’re not sure which would be a better fit for your company, the free offering, or the more robust Skype for Business, be sure to give us a call. We can assess your company’s specific needs, and steer you in the right direction.

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